Jeff Callaway: Program Executive Director

Jeff has been involved with golf for twenty-five years as both an amateur and professional.  His experiences cover a wide range of positions - from caddie to junior golf coordinator to tournament coordinator to instructor.

Jeff received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Jeff's pre-Ace Kids Golf experiences include co-directing the Anatomy of Golf instructional video, featuring the swing technique of legendary golf instructor, Joe Norwood.

Additionally, Jeff has recently completed writing a book, 'Invisible Golfers: African-Americans' PGA Tour Quest.

Says Jeff, "This is a natural progression in my career.  It's important to me that kids who normally wouldn't be exposed to the sport not only become aware of the game, but also get a chance to participate, receive thorough training, develop self-confidence and poise, and gain knowledge about every aspect of golf."