How can I get Involved


Q.  How can I get involved with the Ace Kids Golf Program?  I would really like to volunteer and help.

A. We are seeking volunteers to assist with administrative functions, fund raising, tournaments, transportation, public relations, coaching, workshops and seminars.   If you are interested, contact Jeff Callaway at (510) 238-2196 for more information.

Q. I am a teenager interested in the Ace Kids Golf Program.  Who should I call to get more information about participating?

A. If you are interested, we would really like to hear from you!  Call Jeff Callaway, Ace Kids Golf Program Executive Director, at (510) 238-2196. 

Q.  I would like to make a donation to the Ace Kids Golf Program.  Where should donations be sent?

A. All donations should be sent to:

The Ace Foundation
11450 Golf Links Road
Oakland Ca, 94605
510-351-3418 fax
General questions and inquiries regarding the Ace Kids Golf Program should be directed to:
Jeff Callaway
Executive Director, Ace Kids Golf Program