Ace Kids Golf Program Summary


The Ace Kids Golf Training Program offers participants, ages 12-17, four different levels of golf education and instruction.

Level 1, the Ace Intro to Golf, otherwise known as Ace Boot Camp, is for beginners.   It is aimed at kids who have little familiarity with golf.  Ace Boot Camp offers 6 training sessions over 3 weeks, a lecture on safe play, how-to's on handling golf equipment and the Ace Student Notebook.

Level 2, or Ace Juniors, is for Level 1 graduates.  Participants work on all fundamentals of golf.  Level 2 is 6 weeks and includes weekly instruction, Rules & Etiquette, play on Par 3 courses, and a 9-hole tournament.

Level 3, or Ace Seniors, is also a 6 week program and is designed to provide the young golfer with instruction enabling further golf skill development, as well as focusing on preparation for higher level competition.

Level 4, or the Ace Club, provides ongoing golf play and instruction for participants.   Ace Club members learn excellence, respect and dignity in all activities.  Ace Club members are highly motivated and have a passion for golf.  Additionally, Ace Club members serve as mentors for other program participants.

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