Welcome to Ace Kids Golf!

Ace Kids Golf began in 1998 and was created to introduce less-advantaged youth in northern California to the game of golf.  In conjunction with the City of Oakland Life Enrichment Program, Ace Kids Golf recruits youth from the city's 12 community recreation centers, as well as local schools, YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. 

Jeff Callaway is the Ace Kids Golf Executive Director.  Jeff has been involved in golf for twenty-five years, both as an amateur and professional.  Additionally, he has published a book on golf.

Preston Pinkney is the Ace Kids Golf Program Director. Preston has been involved with Ace for over 10 years. He started as a participant, came up through the levels and is the backbone of the Ace program.

One of the first groups of Ace Kids Golf Program golfers testing their newly developed skills on the course.


The Ace Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Ace Kids Golf.  Its purpose is to ensure that less-advantaged youth receive a thorough awareness of the game and its positive values, by providing them with a quality experience.  The program not only teaches the sport of golf, but teamwork, cooperation, and the development of one's potential.

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